Krav Maga Training

Professional Instruction

Small group training to ensure high-quality coaching

No short courses or techniques that don’t work

Adaptable, effective, pressure tested and proven techniques

Bespoke fully matted gym - Allowing for superior self-defence training scenarios

Intense, focused sessions - Giving you the skills you need to protect yourself


Fight Focused provides the best training environment for anyone seeking a true self-defence system. We emphasize training, fitness, and realism.


You will learn how to punch, kick, grapple and clinch as well as how to defend against common street attacks, knives and multiple opponents.


We place a premium on what works now and always strive for better.

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"Trained with John and the team for 3 & 1/2 years and from the start wished I had began sooner. John is an excellent teacher, patient constructive and although I am on a break for health reasons if I can get back to it this is where I’d go without doubt. Great fun, great team and a lot learnt." Warren

Junior Programme

Starting Soon

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Martial Arts Class

What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a modern close-quarters combat system based on simple and instinctive responses to a range of realistic threats. The system has developed over many years of front line use and real-life violent encounters.  During this time, Krav Maga has evolved to deal with the current threats faced in modern-day society. 


Students of Krav Maga always train with the assumption that their attacker is bigger, armed and has “friends”.  You will learn how to punch, kick, grapple and clinch and defend against common street attacks, knives, firearm threats, and multiple opponents.

The system is based on principles as opposed to techniques

1. Stop the threat

2. Aggressive counter attack

3. Disengage

4. Look for further threats

This method of self-protection is suitable for all fitness levels and all levels of experience.  We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and welcoming team. Why not book your trial lesson and see what it's all about.



Adult classes 18+

Monday to Thursday evenings from 7pm until 8pm

Is Krav Maga For Me?

You'll love it if:

You want the skills to protect yourself and your loved ones.

You like training in an ego-free environment with like-minded people.

You enjoy a tough physical and mental challenge.

You want to learn a self-defence or combat system that works now, not in ten years.

You value practical techniques over flashy ones.

You wish to train with a Nationally Accredited club with a recognized National curriculum.

You want to train in a system that takes into account common street attacks. 

It will not be for you if:

You don’t enjoy high-intensity training where you break a sweat.

You are looking for gentle exercise or kata based recreational type martial arts.

You are looking for traditional martial arts.

You are looking for a joint locking based system eg Aikido.

You want to build up your trophy or belt collection.


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