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Q. You state that no outdoor shoes are allowed on the mats; what type of shoes are allowed?

A. Workout-style trainers will be fine, the type you wear to any normal gym workout. Krav Maga is not a traditional martial art, so we do not train barefoot - if you do not own "indoor" trainers, you will need to purchase a pair. Please do not come to the venue wearing your workout trainers; you will need to change into them when you are inside the gym.

Q. Do you have a Junior programme?

A. No, all training is 18+

Q. Do I need any experience to start?

A. No, every session has new and old members train together; any level of experience is welcome.

Q. How do I start?

A. Get yourself on to a trial lesson. you can book one here

Q. My fitness is shocking; will this be an issue?

A. Well, training will be tough, but that is just Krav Maga - as long as you are just unfit, there should not be any issues. If you have medical issues that could cause you problems, you will need to talk to your GP before starting with us.

Q. I am just interested in the Fiercer sessions to get fit and have a great workout; do I have to do the Krav Maga sessions as well?

A. Not at all. If you are interested in getting fitter, come to the Fiercer classes. No trial lesson is needed; you can book your session here.

Q. Is the gym going to be full of meatheads beating each other up?

A. We firmly believe in running professional sessions that give our members the skills they need to defend themselves and their loved ones. Any inappropriate behaviour or macho-style training will not be tolerated, and that student will be asked to leave. We pride ourselves in being a welcoming and inclusive training environment.

Q. Am I going to be locked into a long membership contract?

A. All of our pay monthly memberships are a rolling 30-day contract with no minimum training period. We do not refund partial months or unused lessons, however. If you don't want to pay monthly, you always have the option to Pay As You Go at £6.95 per session [PAYG sessions are non-refundable].

Q. What should I bring to the session?

A. Shorts or jogging bottoms and a T-shirt, trainers – we don’t train barefoot. Something to drink. If you have any boxing gloves, groin guards or shin guards, please bring them with you. If you don’t, don’t worry; we can advise you on the best type of kit to get once you start! 

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